Accessibility Statement

Last Updated: 3/5/11

This site has be designed with many accessibility features that will work best on modern browsers and mobile devices.

Music Player

The HTML5 Audio Player uses ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) to enhance its usability with modern screen readers. There is great support for Safari on Mac and iOS and modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox for Windows. On older versions of Internet Explorer the player will fallback to Flash and will still work.

If your browser or assistive technology has any trouble using the music player you can always Download Music as MP3s the trusty, old fashion way. If you'd like to sing along you can always view Text Transcripts of our Music Samples.

Plug-In Download Links

Screen Reader Compatibility

Screen readers that are compatible and have been tested on the site include VoiceOver for Mac and iOS with the Safari browser. NVDA and JAWS also have been tested and work well on accessible Windows browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The more modern your screen reader the better support you will have for ARIA landmarks and accessibility enhancements to the music player. A very capable, modern screen reader for Windows called NVDA may enhance your browsing experience. Download NVDA for Windows. Mozilla Firefox works well with NVDA for browsing websites with advanced accessibility features.

Titles are provided throughout the site to enhance the description of links. Screen reader users may need to adjust their verbosity settings to enable title attributes to be spoken on links.

ZoomText was also tested with JAWS running together and no issues were discovered with the site.

Valid HTML5 Code

The site is coded in HTML5 and uses some CSS3 that progressively enhances the site for modern browsers. All code validates except for one error on the home page, "Element audio is missing a required instance of child element source." The <audio> tag is actually populated with it's source via JavaScript so the generated source code would validate.

JavaScript Fallbacks

This site uses JavaScript to enhance accessibility and usability. If your browser does not support JavaScript or you have it disabled then the text sizer and style changer will not function. You will have to modify your browser settings to manually change the text size or override the site's default style sheet with user defined styles.